Why Cat-proof?

Cats fall out from windows to their death on a daily basis in Singapore, due to their owners’ ignorance or negligence. Even if you stay on the first or second storey, your cat can still get lost or meet with road accidents if they escape. Hence, it is a basic requirement and due diligence for cat owners to cat-proof or mesh their windows and gates.

Cats are different from dogs as they are very agile climbers and jumpers. They also get distracted/excited by prey such as insects and birds and will give chase. They are very prone to falling out windows to their death, getting seriously injured or getting lost, so cat-proofing is a must. Contrary to the folk saying that “cats have nine lives”, it is certainly not true as rescuers and fosterers frequently rescue injured cats or kittens that fall out of windows. Some are abandoned by their owners due to the high cost of vet bills ($3,000 upwards for 1 fracture alone) and some lose their lives. Hence, all windows and gate must be meshed or cat-proofed.