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Why Breeding is Bad for Cat Welfare

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List of Trappers & Transporters

List of Trappers & Transporters   Trap + Transport Damy – 93390481 Belle (Petwagon) – 98410307 Richard – 96956931 Felicia – 91181814   Pet Transporters LG – 88368086     For changes to this list, please message us at      

List of Cat-Proofing Products & Contractors

List of Cat-Proofing Products & Contractors   Products (DIY) Hard Wire Mesh of different sizes: Cat Safety Net:   Contractors 1.5-inch Cat-safe Aluminium Grilles Home Aluminium Metal Works: Express Aluminium Pte Ltd: Please message us at for more grille contractor contacts.   Customised Solutions Qittun DIY Services: The Cat…

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Why Cat-proof?

Why Cat-proof? Cats fall out from windows to their death on a daily basis in Singapore, due to their owners’ ignorance or negligence. Even if you stay on the first or second storey, your cat can still get lost or meet with road accidents if they escape. Hence, it is a basic requirement and due…

Adoption Questionnaire

Adoption Questionnaire (Pre- Viewing) As a routine procedure for all adopters, please fill up the following adoption questionnaire before we arrange for you to meet the cat. Please copy and paste this questionnaire, then type your answers beneath the questions. Thank you! 1. Your age and full name. 2. Your occupation. 3. Do you have…

How To Cat Proof Your Home

How To Cat Proof Your Home It is critical to know how to cat-proof your home if you’re keeping cats or fostering them. High rise flats must have meshed windows, invisible grilles or aluminium grilles with a cat-safe gap of at most 1.5 inches to prevent your cat from falling out. Also, a meshed gate…

About ARKC

WELCOME TO ARKC That's short for Adopt Rescued Kittens and Cats Singapore! Here at ARKC, we help rescued kitties all over Singapore find responsible and loving forever homes! Through ARKC, potential adopters like yourself can get connected with independent rescuers, fosterers and rehomers or even shelters who have rescue kitties looking for forever homes! When...

Affordable Sterilisation

Affordable Sterilisation For Affordable Sterilisation, please Whatsapp us at 83421729. (Click here to Whatsapp: Slots taking up fast. First come first serve basis. This initiative is to help the community and low income owners to gain access to affordable sterilisation. Please approach us if you know a friend or neighbour who needs help!  …

Where Else Can I Adopt A Cat?

Where Else Can I Adopt A Cat? List of Shelters SPCA Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary Mutts & Mittens Animal Lovers League List of Other Organisations or Adoption Centers Cat Welfare Society Keep Cats Project LUNI Project SOKS (Save Our Street Kittens) Love Kuching Project Causes for Animals Nekoya Cat Hotel To add an organisation or…

Why Sterilise?

Why Sterilise? Should Cat Owners Sterilise Their Cats? Yes! Definitely! Cats can breed up to 4 times a year and they can have 4-5 kittens each time. Even up to 8 in a single litter is not surprising. So, just imagine 4 pregnancies multiplied by 5 kittens each time. 1 female cat can produce up…