Gender Male
Age 3-4 years
Colour Black
FIV/FELV Status Not tested yet
Sterilised? Yes
Vaccinated? Yes
De-wormed? Yes
De-fleaed? Yes
Adoption in pairs? N/A
Features N/A
Gets along with cats? Ok with being in single or multi-cat households
Gets along with dogs? Not sure yet
  • Affectionate
  • Chill
  • Independent
Yoru was trapped at a migrant workers’ dormitory in Seletar and bailed from the Authority. He was then taken with a few other cats into boarding and then to foster care. He is a lovely male cat, about 2-3 years old sterilized. An easy going and good-natured cat who has come a long way from his hard start in life. He has good looks and quiet charm, and is very well behaved. Whenever his foster mum cleans the floor, he will go up to her and kiss her face. He’s truly a sweet kitty. He gets along well with other cats. . If you give him love and a safe home, he will fill it with affection. Good for first time cat owner.
If you can open your heart to this sweetie, willing to cat proof the home and provide a mixture of good quality soft and dry food, please contact 9620 9976.

Please contact the rehomer only if you are willing to fully cat-proof or mesh your home for the safety of your cat. This includes the main gate, windows and balconies. Click to see our guide on how to cat-proof your home!