Tortie & Starlight

Gender Female
Age 3-4 years
Colour Tortoise Shell (Tortie)
FIV/FELV Status FIV/FELV negative
Sterilised? Yes
Vaccinated? Yes
De-wormed? Yes
De-fleaed? Yes
Adoption in pairs? Adoption in pairs
Features Tortoise Shell
Gets along with cats? Ok with being in single or multi-cat households
Gets along with dogs? Not sure yet
  • Affectionate
Meet mummy cat Tortie, 3 years old, and Starlight, her 1 year and 7 months old bright-eyed daughter, who is very close to her. Once Mama gets used to you, she will head butt you early every morning. Tortie was found in a Tuas factory with four kittens, all starving. They were rescued end of May 2019. Tortie is sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed, so is Starlight. Both are FIV/FELV negative. Starlight loves to be with her mummy Tortie, and must be adopted together. Please contact their rehomer at 86784765 for more information!

Please contact the rehomer only if you are willing to fully cat-proof or mesh your home for the safety of your cat. This includes the main gate, windows and balconies. Click to see our guide on how to cat-proof your home!