Gender Female
Age 2 years
Colour Tabby White
FIV/FELV Status FIV/FELV negative
Sterilised? Yes
Vaccinated? Yes
De-wormed? Yes
De-fleaed? Yes
Adoption in pairs? N/A
Features N/A
Gets along with cats? Ok with being in single or multi-cat households
Gets along with dogs? Not sure yet
  • Affectionate
  • Active
Dread waking up in the mornings? Rosie will brighten your day as she sits by your bed and peeps at you waiting for you to wake up! Out running errands? She will wait by the door for you and insist on welcome home pats.
Rosie will headbutt you for more pats so don't you think of stopping! She is a cat full of personality once you let her shine and confirm will make her lucky owners very happy and loved indeed.
That said, she can chill by herself too and loves playing with toys. She plays a LOT. Watching a little kitty of her size swatting and batting and playing hunter is always a laugh. She is a low maintenance kind of cat that is just there to be loved.
Rosie was from a carpark and takes some time to warm up. She is a sweet, sweet girl who is not the aggressive type at all. She will spook easily at the start as she is unfamiliar with you, so her new family needs to be understanding. She does not like to be carried.
Rosie is about 2 years old, FIV/FELV negative, sterilized, dewormed and litter-trained.
Come meet this darling girl or head on over to @maofriends Instagram highlights for more videos of precious Rosie! Peep on over there like Rosie peeps at you for a real look at what Rosie would be like as your cat.
For both fosterers and adopters, houses must be meshed. Pls PM 82050344 if you're keen!

Please contact the rehomer only if you are willing to fully cat-proof or mesh your home for the safety of your cat. This includes the main gate, windows and balconies. Click to see our guide on how to cat-proof your home!