Gender Male
Age 2 years
Colour Ginger
FIV/FELV Status FIV/FELV negative
Sterilised? Yes
Vaccinated? Yes
De-wormed? Yes
De-fleaed? Yes
Adoption in pairs? N/A
Features N/A
Gets along with cats? Needs other cats for companionship
Gets along with dogs? Not sure yet
  • Affectionate
  • Active
  • Chatty
  • Chill
  • Independent
  • Shy

Give me a chance, and I'll be your loyal companion through life! 

Greetings, hoomans of the vast internet! I'm Ollie - and I'm looking for a kind and loving family! I was found severely malnourished and sickly, with my face covered in discharge and mucus, in a dangerous industrial site. This place has no regular feeders, lots of dangerous vehicles, and hostile workers. Every night, I would dart under vehicles, hoping to find a scrap of food left in the garbage. When the hoomans spotted me, they tried to feed me, but I was always bullied by the other cats there, and could barely get a mouthful to eat. I was lonely, sick, and scared. One fateful night, after I had gone missing for a while, I re-appeared to the hoomans! They carried me gently into safe shelter. I have since recovered from my flu and am now a healthy boy! I have learnt to trust hoomans and kitties alike, and I feel safe, secure, and well-loved. I do not wish to go back to the darkness where I was found. Will you give me a forever home? —- My Profile  The Basics 
  • Estimated 2-3 years old
  • I'm a cute ginger-white male, with a short tail, pastel pink nose and large, expressive emerald eyes
  • FIV/FELV negative
  • Sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed, and deflead
  • It has been many months since I've recovered from flu so I'm healthy and well!
My Current Lifestyle 
  • Currently using tofu litter (Nurture Pro/Love Cat) in a covered litter box
  • On a mixture of wet food and dry kibbles
My purr-sonality
  • I'm an affectionate kitty who loves hoomans, cats, and other kittens!
  • I love sleeping with my hooman, and my way of showing affection is rubbing my face against theirs.... I am a purr machine - I purr so strongly that sometimes, I emit a coo-ing sound!
  • I also love snuggles and cuddles! Hug me all you want!
  • I'm still young - so I'm playful and active! But I'm also independent enough to just chill and live life, letting my hoomans tend to their mundane hooman things
  • I'm a gentle soul - I get along well with other cats and kittens! Even when they swat me with their paw, and even when they are much smaller than me, I just close my eyes and take it!
  • I can seem very timid and shy when you first meet me... But give me time, and I will soon blossom in your home!
—- Lastly, do take note!
  1. CWS guidelines apply - homes must be fully cat-proofed and I am to stay strictly indoors. During the handover, an adoption visit will be signed as well.
  2. An adoption fee of $120 applies to defray medical costs.
—- If you're keen to learn more and meet me in real life, please contact my trusted hooman Stephanie through whatsapp - +65 8882 0677. It would also be great if you could include a brief background about yourself, such as:
  • Your name, age
  • Number of people living with you currently, your relationship to them, their ages
  • Any children
  • Any existing pets and their details
  • Whether your home is currently cat-proofed; and if so, please specify the type of cat-proofing. Pictures/videos will be great! If not, will you be willing to cat-proof your home?
That's it from me, hoomans! Please give me a chance - I'm sure you won't regret it :)

Please contact the rehomer only if you are willing to fully cat-proof or mesh your home for the safety of your cat. This includes the main gate, windows and balconies. Click to see our guide on how to cat-proof your home!