Gender Female
Age 7-8 years
Colour White
FIV/FELV Status Not tested yet
Sterilised? Yes
Vaccinated? No, to discuss
De-wormed? Yes
De-fleaed? Yes
Adoption in pairs? N/A
Features N/A
Gets along with cats? Needs to be the only cat in the house
Gets along with dogs? Not sure yet

Please meet Aatas!

Aatas used to stay at Changi Village, but dogs endangering her life, so she moved to a fosterers place for now.

And now she is looking for a permanent home, so she doesn’t have to go back to the streets. It’s just more comfy to have a roof over her pretty head, than having to fight for her food and life on a daily basis.

Aatas is healthy, and has a mind on her own. She doesn’t like other cats, so single cat household would be ideal.

She doesn’t like to be carried or touched on the back, but maybe with a lot of patience you can do both eventually. She does let people touch her pretty head though.

Aatas is about 7 to 8 years, likes high quality cat food, and is very healthy. She just went to the vet recently.

Please contact Petra at 9466 4967 to give her a better and purrfect life! She deserve it and so do all cats out there

Thank you so much, you are kind for having a heart for rescued cats, that are less fortunate.

Please contact the rehomer only if you are willing to fully cat-proof or mesh your home for the safety of your cat. This includes the main gate, windows and balconies. Click to see our guide on how to cat-proof your home!