Cat Hoarding

Cat hoarding is keeping an unusually high number of cats without the ability to house or care for them properly. Cats live in overcrowded and unhygienic conditions, often malnourished and neglected.

Hoarding may have been a result of backyard breeding gone wrong. Some are former breeders who have stopped selling and caring for their cats.

Or, a result of mental illness – a compulsive disorder to keep many cats. The hoarder is deeply attached to their cats and find it extremely difficult to let them go.

19 February 2018, Mei Ling Street

28 June 2018, Tanglin Halt

tanglin halt hoarding cats

6 August 2018, Jurong West

6 August 2018, American Curls case

american curl hoarding cats

21 August 2018, Cerebellar Hypoplasia cats

8 September 2018, Bukit Batok

bukit batok hoarding cats

18 October 2018, Chai Chee

22 November 2018, DSH

DSH cat hoarding case

9 January 2019, Saving the DSHs, Serangoon

19 April 2019, rental unit

rental unit cat hoarding


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