Adoption Questionnaire (Pre- Viewing)

As a routine procedure for all adopters, please fill up the following adoption questionnaire before we arrange for you to meet the cat. Please copy and paste this questionnaire, then type your answers beneath the questions. Thank you!

1. Your age and full name.

2. Your occupation.

3. Do you have any experience with pets?

4. Do you have other pets at home?

5. If you have pets such as cats and dogs at home, are they sterilised?

6. What type of housing do you live in and in which area of Singapore?

7. Is it a rental or self-owned home?

8. Number of members in the house and who are they? (eg, father, mother, brother, sister-in-laws, etc)

9. Does everybody who live with you agree to the adoption?

10. Are you willing to cat proof your home? High rise flats must have windows with mesh or invisible grills to prevent kitty from falling out. Also meshed gate to prevent running away and getting lost.

11. Are you willing to provide vet care if necessary?

12. Is a home visit before the adoption fine with you?

13. Do you agree to keep the cat strictly indoors only, unless for walks on leash or in a pet pram? No letting the cat to roam outside the house.

14. Do you agree to feed good quality cat food? No Whiskas, Friskies or other food low in nutrition.

15. Do u agree to sterilise the kitten at 5 months old? (Applies to kittens under the age of 6 months.)

16. If you move to another country will you take them with you? Do note it costs about $2,000 and above to relocate your pet.

17. Do you agree to the adoption fee of $80-$150 per cat? The adoption fee helps cover part of their vet fee and also goes into future rescues! Their vaccination cards will be given to you. 🙂

18. Do you understand pet cats can live to 16 yrs or more and you agree will care and love them until the end of their lifespan?