Create Your Adoption Listing

To list cats for adoption on our site, CWS guidelines must be adhered to. This includes screening of adopters using an adoption questionnaire and ensuring the following adoption criteria are met:

  1. The cat must be kept strictly indoors. If the window and gate grilles are large enough for the cat to pass through, they must be meshed.
  2. The cat must be sterilised before handover to the adopter. If you are adopting out a kitten, follow up closely with the adopter to ensure the cat is sterilised at 6 months old.
  3. Ensure the adopter is aware that they are to provide good quality food and take the cat for regular vet visits.
  4. Ensure that the adopter is aware that a pet cat is a lifetime commitment.
  5. Do a house visit, to ensure the entire family is aware and agreeable to the adoption, and sign an adoption contract so both you and the adopter are aware of your continuing obligations.

Here is a Sample Adoption Contract.

Name of Cat
step 1
FIV/FELV Status*
Special Needs Cat*
Gets along with cats?*
Gets along with dogs?*
Adoption in pairs?
step 2
Tick all traits that apply:
Upload photos
step 3

Upload up to 6 photos. First photo must be landscape (horizontal) and will be used as the cover photo.


  • Use a clear photo of the cat’s face and body for the first cover photo.
  • Cover photo should not contain any text or elements other than the image of the cat.
  • Use landscape (horizontal) photos for better display on the site.
  • 2-3 photos are sufficient to capture a potential adopter’s interest.
  • Upload up to 6 only if you feel they are all good photos.
  • Don’t include photos that are not flattering.
  • Hint: Cats look their cutest when they’re looking up or straight at the camera!

Drag to rearrange photos.

step 5

Sign Up

By providing us with your phone number, you acknowledge and agree that you may be contacted at the phone number you list for the purpose of facilitating pet adoptions, or other information or services related to the purposes of our site.