That’s short for Adopt Rescued Kittens and Cats Singapore!

Here at ARKC, we help rescued kitties all over Singapore find responsible and loving forever homes! Through ARKC, potential adopters like yourself can get connected with independent rescuers, fosterers and rehomers or even shelters who have rescue kitties looking for forever homes!

When you adopt a cat or a kitten you save 2 lives – the first life you save is the cat or kitten that you bring home, and the second one is the next rescue kitty who takes its place in a foster home. So adopt, don’t shop!

Besides adoptions, ARKC aims to empower cat owners – new and existing, to provide a loving, safe and responsible home for their cats. We do this by sharing our knowledge of best practices in cat care; from how to select a new furry friend for your family to getting your home ready for your new cat, to even cat care post-adoption.

At ARKC, we also believe that cats have a place to be recognised as legally owned pets in HDB flats. But only through responsible cat ownership are we able to pave the way for cats to be legally allowed as pets in HDB flats. All cat owners have a part to play in making this a reality and we hope ARKC will empower, inspire and guide you to do just that.

 — The ARKC Team


  • Easy sort and filter adoption listings
  • Includes rescued cats from different rehomers and shelters. (Aims to be a database of all rescued cats in Singapore.)
  • Learn more about cat welfare issues in Singapore
  • Get connected with social enterprises that are rescue-oriented
  • Easy listing process for rehomers and shelters

Please send any feedback to us at m.me/AdoptRescuedCats.



Check out our cats for adoption here! When you’ve found a cat you’d like to adopt, either contact the rehomer through the contact details stated in the cat’s description, or submit the adoption form found at the bottom of the listing.

Rescued a cat? Volunteer for a shelter or rescue organisation with cats for adoption? Get familiar with CWS rehoming guidelines and reach out to us at m.me/AdoptRescuedCats if you’d like to become a registered rehomer with us.