Cats & Kittens

For Adoption

Why Adopt Through ARKC?

All our listed cats and kittens are rescued animals.

Adoption fees are only to reimburse basic vet fees. Vet receipts and vaccination cards can be provided.

Affordable Sterilisation

Contact us for affordable sterilisation.

Sterilisation has many health benefits for your cat and prevents unwanted litters.


Why Cat-proof?

Why Cat-proof? Cats fall out from windows to their death on a daily basis in Singapore, due to their owners' ...
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How To Cat Proof Your Home

How To Cat Proof Your Home   It is critical to know how to cat-proof your home if you're keeping ...
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Why sterilise your pet cats

Why Sterilise?

Why Sterilise?   Should Cat Owners Sterilise Their Cats? Yes! Definitely! Cats can breed up to 4 times a year ...
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Preparing for your first cat

Preparing For Your First Cat

Preparing For Your First Cat Cat-proofing Your Home For your cat's safety, the first thing to do would be to ...
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